Tile backsplashes are one of the more popular features of a modern-day residence. So centrally located, kitchens are one of the most frequented areas of your home, a place where you can showcase your individuality in design. The right choice for a kitchen tile backsplash will enhance the aesthetic worth of your kitchen with creation and appreciation of beauty.

Tiles come in countless shapes, colours, and array of hues and shades. For materials, you may select amongst ceramic, glass, porcelain, stainless steel and stone tiles. Use of designer or decorative tiles such as special accents, borders, ceramic murals and hand-painted tiles will give a rather artistic look to your homes culinary zone. You can also try innovating with coloured glass and mirrors.

Although you will find a plethora of choices, you would do better if you stick to kiln baked, glazed tiles. You will hardly have any staining problems with them. The colors being permanently sealed in, they will not wash away and last you your lifetime.

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